The No-Fakery Bakery

Real Ingredients

Flour, milk, sugar, dough, eggs, chocolate, pure cream butter. We make honest products, from scratch, with real ingredients. No enzymes, no additives ever.

Authentic Recipes

We still use many of the same recipes, like our Bavarian soft pretzels, created at our original Café Servatii bakery in Muenster, Germany.

No Shortcuts

We proof our bread 12-24 hours (others stop at 1 hour). We temper chocolate to make it shine (others use paraffin wax). We learned early on that taste and texture take time and talent.

Every day, we pay it forward.

We bake fresh all day, every day. At the end of each day, as we have throughout our long history, we donate leftover baked goods to local charities.

“Wait – I always thought Servatii‘s was Italian”

Though our name may sound Italian, our roots are unmistakably German. “Servatii” stems from Servatius, patron saint of the city gate in Münster, Germany where George Gottenbusch first opened Café Servatii on Servatii Platz.

Café Servatii on Servatii Platz.

Perfection is baked
into our DNA.

For over 60 years, five generations of the Gottenbusch family have served the greater Cincinnati region with freshly made pastries, pretzels, decorated cakes and an assortment of deli products. This is our story.


Wilhelm Gottenbusch, a German immigrant, came to the United States after traveling the world for months on an international freighter. He arrived in Cincinnati in 1957, was drafted shortly after, and served two years in the service as a Staff Sargeant and head of the kitchens at Fort Knox. In 1963, he opened his first bakery, a one-man shop, on Observatory Avenue in Hyde Park next to where Carl’s Deli stands today.

The Highest Standards

Wilhelm made a name for himself by focusing on one thing – quality. Servatii would go on to becomes one of Cincinnati’s most beloved bakeries. Adhering to Wilhelm’s standards, dedication and recipes, his sons, along with their father, have expanded and grown Servatii over the last 60 years.

A tradition of artisan-bakers

Wilhelm’s grandfather, George, had started out driving a horse-drawn wagon door-to-door selling his fresh baked goods. Wilhelm’s father, also named George, attended Germany’s most recognized baking school and achieved “Konditor Meister” status – Master Pastry Chef. He opened Café Servatii, on Servatii Platz, in the heart of Muenster, Germany. Wilhelm would follow in his father’s footsteps, earning his “Master Baker” status and carrying on the Servatii baking tradition in Cincinnati, Ohio.

A lasting legacy

Gary and Greg Gottenbusch, Wilhelm’s sons, both apprenticed in Germany, earning their journeyman status – Greg in pastry and Gary in baking. Gary, like his father and grandfather before him, earned his Master Baker certification in 2001. In turn, the Gottenbusches have attracted some of the most talented bakers, decorators, and pastry chefs in America.

A future that honors the past

Today Greg runs the day-to-day Servatii business. Paul, his nephew, is now the head night baker and is learning the family business. Although Wilhelm passed away in 2022, his influence will be forever felt.


Our future looks stronger than ever, and we appreciate all of our customers who have made Servatii their own family’s tradition.

Creating fresh baked favorites for over 60 years

Meet the Team

Greg Gottenbusch


Greg is the youngest son of Wilhelm Gottenbusch, the founding father of Servatii Pastry Shop. Greg is now the owner of Servatii and still enjoys pitiching in with the daily routine.

Robert Ayres

Cake Designer

Robert has been with the company for over 20 years. He has won many decorating competitions over the years and expects only the best of his decorators.

Don Rose

Pastry Chef

Don came up through the ranks at Servatii. Wilhelm sent him to culinary school in Germany where he perfected his craft along with Wilhelm’s guidance.

Dwayne Kates

Deli Lead

Dwayne heads up our deli and catering department. As a chef, Dwayne takes great care to ensure the quality of our catering trays and salads.

Marc Dulong

Head Baker

A native of France, Marc has a rich background in baking and now oversees Servatii’s baking operations.

Paul Gottenbusch

Lead Baker

The grandson of Wilhelm Gottenbusch, Paul is the face of the next generation of Servatii’s legendary baking tradition.

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