The Buzz about the Beehive (Bienenstich)

When someone asks you of a tradition that you hold dear, many of us will tell about a time when we were happy and the memories of a joyous occasion with friends or family. How many of you would mention food? A dinner that your Grandmother used to cook or a dessert your Aunt makes every time you are together? Well for Servatii, and many families, The Servatii Beehive or Bienenstich is one of those traditions.

When I first came to Servatii to work in 2012, the Beehive was mentioned often and with great fondness. It was a dessert that was revered in the German societies and families. But like many great things it faded in popularity and Servatii made the hard choice to focus on other more popular food items. But like all great things, IT IS COMING BACK!

For the first time in 10 years, the Beehive is BACK! To say we are excited is a huge understatement! We are elated! Every employee is talking about how much they want to try it. I was one of the unlucky that started my employment here after it was no longer in production. I have waited almost 9 long years to taste the beloved Pastry.

So what is a Beehive? Aside from the fact that your taste buds will thank you, it is a Pastry Cake made with Sweet Dough. It is filled with Custard/Whipped Cream Filling, topped with Almonds, Honey Glaze & White Fondant Icing. Every bite is sweet and savory. It really makes you wonder why the Beehive lost its popularity all those years ago. After you taste it for yourself I am sure you will hope this delectable pastry shows up again and again. This time sooner than 10 long and agonizing years!