Tales of a Time at Servatii – Karen

The decorating Department at Servatii has so many wonderful people working with them. Karen has been icing cakes and decorating here at Servatii for 23 years. When getting to know Karen she started off a little shy but as we talked her personality started to really shine. She smiles at everyone all day. Her happy spirit is so uplifting in her department.

Karen enjoys icing cakes for everyone before the decorating happens. She has told me that she has stayed with Servatii all of this time because she loves the flexibility that Servatii offers for families and for life. Servatii is a company that understands the importance of family.

Karen is one of many employees that loves the Key lime Flan. It is a company staple with amazing flavor. This would be the one thing she tries to convince everyone to try at least once. One of Karen’s favorite memories from Servatii is from her first year here. She had a nightmare that Greg (owner) showed up and demanded that she iced two pans of cookies on the spot. In her dream she began to panic and after waking up it took her a minute to realize it was only a dream. I can personally attest that we all at some point have a nightmare about product not being correct or ready on time. Each employee values the hard work and dedication it takes to get the job done to make our customers happy.

Karen is described by her co workers as cheerful with a constant smile on her face. The decorating department is so fortunate to have Karen working with them all of these years. We are so very thankful that she has chosen to be with us all these years.