Grandparents and Cookies, a Servatii Favorite

If you look at a calendar online the chances of you seeing a random holiday or national day is very likely. Most of them just get passed over without a second glance and forgotten. I have however, decided to enjoy one of those special days and celebrate it with some Servatii fun. Grandparent’s day this year is Sunday, September 13th and I had the privilege of spending the day celebrating a few grandparents with their grandchildren decorating Servatii Cookie Kits.

These kits are built for good messy fun. You get 12 cookies, 4 bags of colored icing, and 3 packs of sprinkles. They will not be available much longer so we recommend getting yours this weekend! They are available for $21.95.

Grandparents are the foundation for many families. They support their loved ones and care for them all through life. It is a never ending and at times a thankless job. But after spending the day with these families I know it is so much more. I first spent time with Tracy and her two handsome grandsons Hunter and Micah. You could see clearly how close these little boys are with their grandparents. They knew just how to get what they wanted with the right look or smile.

The next family I met with decided to decorate cookies at a park near their home. It was a great mix of fresh air and icing. Mike and Karen, along with Josiah, Cady, and Lucas met me in the early evening to spend time celebrating Grandparents day coming up! The older kids worked diligently to make their cookies beautiful and Grams(Karen) showed off her piping skills from all the years creating beautiful things for her family.

This family enjoyed laughing together and sharing this sweet time with each other. If you look closely at the picture above there is icing not only on the cookies but also on Gramps head and Josiah ended up with an icing mustache. We all laughed and had a wonderful time together. If you need a fun activity to do with your family this would be an awesome adventure for all. This family has such a close bond and you can tell that together this family can and will move mountains in the future.

To all the Grandparents out there, Happy Grandparents Day! And thank you for the love and joy you bring to the world!

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