Tales of a Time at Servatii – Randy

One thing I love about working for Servatii is the fact that there is a large group of people that have worked for the Gottenbush-Servatii family 20 years or more. Randolph (Randy) is one of those employees. Randy started with Servatii in July 1986 in the Pan room. Being in the Pan Room was not a glorious job but it was highly needed. He ensured that the pans and equipment we used to bake our products were cleaned daily. It was a hot and tiresome job but Randy never gave up!

Randy was a real treasure here at Servatii. He didn’t just settle and do one job. He also spent some time working as a Porter, or a Cleaner. He even did a short stint as the Porter Supervisor. Now when you look for Randy you can find him in the Baking Department. He specializes in Cakes and Cookies. He bakes these products then takes them to our decorators to be set up for our store orders.

When asking Randy what his favorite job at Servatii is he smiled and gave a little laugh and said he loves working in the freezer. I thought at first he was joking but it became quickly apparent that he was serious as he danced around a little bit laughing and smiling!

I absolutely love that I get to spend time talking to this seasoned veteran here at Servatii. When talking to Randy the gleam in his eye made it apparent that he had tales to tell. You can see the mischief behind the smile. Randy and I have one thing in common. Our favorite Servatii product is the Opera Cream Torte. If he had to choose, Randy would want the Opera Cream and will recommend it to everyone.

Randy made me smile quite a bit while talking to him. When asking him what his favorite Servatii memory was, his answer took me a little by surprise. Randy told me his favorite memory was being around all these years to watch the company grow and develop into what it is now. He also loves how many people he has met and gotten to know through the years. Greg Gottenbush was walking with me while I was asking questions and Randy even shared a few inside jokes and stories with me about Greg. It was obvious that Randy loves Servatii as much as they love him.

If you ever get a chance to visit our commissary Randy is someone to seek out and talk to. His love and respect for Servatii is ever present and his smile is contagious. It was definitely my honor to talk to him today.