Tales of a Time at Servatii – Renda

Servatii is a Bakery infused with history. Part of that history is the employees that have been serving the company for 20 or more years. These employees have seen so many parts of our past that talking to them is a real treat. This afternoon I got to sit down with the manager at our White Oak Store and ask her some questions about her time with Servatii.

Renda has been working for Servatii since October 1980. She has been with us 40 years this October. In 1980, Renda started working for Servatii at Pouge Department Store. Within her first year Renda was promoted to Store Manager. As she mentioned Pouge’s she told me about the merry go round that Servatii used to display some of their cakes. It was a true focal point when coming in to the bakery.

Since then she has traveled around the company moving from Pouge’s to Lazarus, then the Blue Ash store. After some time there Renda moved to Forest Fair Mall. When Servatii decided to leave the Mall, Renda was offered the Manager Position at our White Oak Store that opened October 23rd, 2002. She proudly showed me the first dollar spent at the White Oak store 18 years ago.

When asking Renda why she had chosen a career with Servatii, she smiled and said she loves the company and the fun she has had over the years. She also told me that a large part of wanting to stay for so long was the Gottenbush family. Their Pride in the quality of the products they make made her proud to be a part of their Servatii family. There is just no comparison anywhere.

I had to laugh when I ask Renda what her favorite Servatii item was to eat. She exclaimed “Oh Boy! I love everything!” Then she told me that if she had to choose she would pick Pumpkin Pie over anything. Renda also said she will eat them until it makes her stomach hurt. She is ecstatic that they are coming back in the next week. She also shared so many wonderful memories with me.

Renda worked closely with the Gottenbush family and remembers a time when a customer got mad at one of the Gottenbush kids and threw stuffing bags at her. One of the more moving stories Renda shared was that of September 11, 2001. When the planes hit the World Trade Centers, Renda was working at Forest Fair Mall still. The Mall went silent and everyone gathered on the first floor holding hands and praying for the people of New York. She told me the whole store came together in solidarity and prayed. It will always be the most memorable time she had at Servatii.

Renda loves to make her store look like a “Showcase Cinema” and make it look magical for all the holidays. Her favorite thing to work on is making her store look special. She also shared her love for the Gottenbush family and said they are some of the most loving and caring people she has had the privilege to work for. Stop in White Oak and say hello to Renda. She will make you feel special and cared for!