Pretzels – A Real Twist of Fate

Servatii has several things that we are known for but the #1 item that people ask me about is our Pretzels. They are baked fresh multiple times through the day in each store so that when you walk in you can smell the fresh baked dough wafting through the air. Many people do not know that we hand twist our pretzels. It is a craft that many pretzel companies have long abandoned. We appreciate the craft for what it is. The time we put in to the pretzels we make is absolutely reflected in the flavor and quality of our Pretzels!

We have a great variety of options available as well. Not only do we carry our soft pretzels, we offer Pretzel Sticks, Bavarian Pretzel Bagels, Sandwich Pretzels, and 3LB and 6LB Pretzels. The options are endless here. The best thing about each of these options is the variety of how you can eat them! Our top seller is the Soft Pretzels and the Pretzel Sticks. On Tuesday you can get our Soft pretzels two for $2! I recommend slicing them and using them with one of our many varieties of dip.

If you ask any of our store team members I am sure they could all offer multiple suggestions for unique ways to eat our pretzels. A grill out is not complete without using the Pretzel sticks as a hot dog bun and the Pretzel sandwich bread as a hamburger bun. Our Bavarian Pretzel Bagels make for a savory salty breakfast treat. Make it into a breakfast sandwich and the flavor merges together beautifully.

The crown jewel of our Pretzels though is the 3LB and 6LB Pretzels. You can often find people at Cincinnati festivals or tailgates with these beautiful culinary delights. Often turned into giant sandwiches or as we like to call them “Original Deli Stuffed Pretzels”, these turn into the focal point of any major event. Filled with almost four pounds of meat and cheese, this sandwich is sure to be the best part of the party.

If you are looking for a quality Pretzel made from one of the best bakeries around come visit us today!