Tales of a Time at Servatii – Barb

When you call the Servatii corporate office you will most likely hear the voice of Barb on the other end. Barb has been working the same position at Servatii for 28 years. She is the beloved Order Confirmation Manager and she helps to ensure that all orders are processed and sent to the correct department so that you, the customer receive your goodies on time. From time to time during the holiday seasons you might find her helping someone in the back bakery packing items to stock the stores.

When you talk to Barb you are met with warmth and kindness. You can tell from speaking to her that she loves her job and what she does. When asking her why she has chosen a career here for this long she smiled and said the great people that she works with. They are all a family. Her favorite thing about her job is talking to customers and knowing that she is the voice of the company. It is a huge responsibility and an honor to do that for a company for so long.

If you are looking for something wonderful to try at Servatii, Barb recommends the Salty Rye Bread. I loved that she chose a savory product over all of the sweet things we make and carry. Over the years Barb has gotten to do a lot of different things with the company but some of her most treasured memories is going to Coney Island for the Retail Bakers Association picnic. She loves any outings with her friends at work.

One memory Barb shared is that even growing up she went to Octoberfest every year with her family. She would get together with her parents and siblings to spend a day walking the booth lined streets of Zinzinnati to enjoy the festival. Even though Barb is a behind the scenes employee we could not and would not be the company we are without her and we are so thankful that she chose us for the past 28 years!